The state of Black people in Amerikkka 

           I just want to tell y’all that there is nothing to be afraid of. We did not wake up to a new Amerikkka . We woke up to the same country . But what we did wake up to is this country standing in the light . This country has been hiding in the dark for some years now . Doing things to us subtly and psychologically to make us think that we were deteriorating and destroying ourselves . The Hillary’s and Bill Clinton’s did their oppression in the shadows . But Donald Trump put his in the light for everyone to see not for a surprise attack system like mass incarceration. They did us a “favor” without even knowing it . The best thing that could have happened for us is Amerikkka showing us its true face in the light . Now we can stop arguing and debating whether it’s real or not . Now we can truly see Amerikkka for what is and we can all see it together . We no longer have to convince folks Amerikkka has done it for us . We’ve been here before and so have they. Call on your ancestors and call on eachother and yourselves . Anything that Ameirkkka ever “GAVE” us was only a resource for us to self destruct . When they “FREE’D” us Integrated us , made abortion legal all of these “Blessings in Disguise ” were tools used to oppress us so let them have all that shit back. Because we got work to do with rebuilding ourselves. Everything they “give us” comes with a price and we’ve payed it so they can take it while we figure out our own way to create more and take back what’s rightfully ours. It’s no reason to feel defeated . Because for once we can see things clearly and maybe that will bring us together to do what’s necessary to focus on us . 


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